Palisade Peach Jam 8 oz.

Palisade Peach Jam 8 oz.

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My Peach Jam is a classic true fruit jam in a jar.  The natural sweetness of the Colorado Palisade Peaches comes through with each bite.

Here is a little history of where the Palisade Peaches grow in Colorado:

For sheer beauty, few places rival Palisade. The wide, meandering Colorado River flows through the verdant Grand Valley, which is lined on all sides by towering mesas. On the valley floor, orchards bleed into one another, weaving a lovely patchwork quilt of pears, apples, apricots, cherries, grapes, and peaches. So, yes, it’s special for its appearance, but it’s the local micro climate—an unusually temperate area fed by warm winds coming off the mesas—that makes Palisade what it is: the fruit basket of Colorado.

This is a classic recipe handed down through the generations.  Remember walking into Grandmas kitchen and smelling the aroma of freshly made jam and fresh baked bread.  The aroma at that moment would make your mouth water.

All my jams are hand-crafted, all natural and I only use hand chosen ripe peaches that is cooked in small batches.  Providing the personal touch - each jar of Pam's Jams is hand packaged, labeled and decorated making them a great, one-of-a-kind gift.  Place a smile on someone's face, order one today and tell us how you used this Gourmet jam..

The shipping is the same price for one or two jars, so it is more economical for you to order 2 or more jars.

Ingredients:  Palisade  peaches, sugar, pectin, butter

Love Love Love the Palisade Peach Jam!  My little guy begged for seconds this morning.  Thanks for the delicious start to our morning!"  D Juchartz