Apple Pie Jam  8 oz.

Apple Pie Jam 8 oz.

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This Apple Pie Jam is the real deal!   Mixing the natural sweet, tart and juicy taste of apples along with lemon and spices to create a wonderful delicious desert.  Caution, it is easy to eat right out of the jar as you would a slice of pie.

 All of my jams are hand-crafted, all natural and I only use hand chosen apples that are cooked in small batches.  Providing the personal touch - each jar of Pam's Jams & Preserves is hand packaged, labeled and decorated making them a great unique gift!  Place a smile on someone's face, order one today and tell us how you used this Gourmet Jam.

 Ingredients:  Apples, apple cider, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, pectin, butter

 The shipping is the same price for one or two jars, so it is more economical for you to order 2 or more jars.

"My hubs opened the Apple Pie Jams last night.... it's gone!"  D Romaniw

"My boys helped me un-box our order of Pam's Jams.  The package arrived quickly and the jams were beautifully packed and labeled.  We could tell Pam put a lot of love, time & pride in her jams.  My boys asked for seconds of the Apple Pie Jam which tastes just like homemade apple pie.  Thanks Pam!  A Joyner

"These are the best jam's I have ever had!  The Apple Pie Jam is to die for!!!  Above and beyond my expectations every time.  Pam, you are incredible!  S Kansteiner


"The Apple Pie Jam was amazing in our mini turnovers!"  Brandi C