Spiced Plum Jam 8 oz

Spiced Plum Jam 8 oz

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My Spiced Plum Jam is full of the juicy sweetness and slight tartness of perfectly ripe plums slowly blending the aromatic sweet flavor of cinnamon, adding the warmth and curiosity of nutmeg and lemon zest.  Together, they prove a delicious combination.

All of my jams are hand-crafted, all natural and I only use hand chosen plums that are cooked in small batches.  Providing the personal touch - each jar of Pam's Jams & Preserves is hand packaged, labeled and decorated making them a great unique gift!  Place a smile on someone's face, order one today and tell us how you used this Gourmet Jam.

Ingredients:  Blackberries, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, butter

The shipping is the same price for one or two jars, so it is more economical for you to order 2 or more jars.