Pepper Jam Bundle of Four

Pepper Jam Bundle of Four

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For the pepper jam lover!! 

The Pepper Jam Bundle of Four set includes:  Habanero Gold Jelly, Strawberry Jalapeno Jam & Kentucky Bar Fight Jam.

Peach Hot Pepper Jam

HABANERO GOLD JELLY:  This recipe makes a fiery golden, translucent jelly with colorful suspended fruit and vegetables (apricots, red onion, red bell pepper, habaneros). 

STRAWBERRY JALAPENO JAM:  My Strawberry Jalapeno Jam has the sweet, fruity flavor of a natural strawberry.  Combine that with the fresh, bright green taste of a jalapeno gives you a smooth, medium level of heat.

PEACH HOT PEPPER JAM:  My Peach Hot Pepper Jam is the natural sweet taste of peaches and the bright green taste of jalapeno.  Intertwined with some red peppers to bring you a nice warm treat.  On the warm/hot meter for jams, this falls in the medium range.

KENTUCKY BAR FIGHT:  Each jar is loaded with blackberries, blueberries, jalapenos & bourbon.  The combination gives you a medium heat pepper jam that is absolutely yummy.